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"The idea that parties are guided by policy decisions made by voters also seems to be a myth; in reality, the parties make the policies and we fall into line. To minimise cognitive dissonance – the gulf between what we perceive and what we believe – we either adjust our views to those of our favoured party or avoid discovering what the party really stands for. This is how people end up voting against their interests.


Even the less ambitious notion of democracy – that it’s a means by which people punish or reward governments – turns out to be divorced from reality. We remember only the past few months of a government’s performance (a bias known as 'duration neglect') and are hopeless at correctly attributing blame." -- George Monbiot, "Lies, fearmongering and fables: that's our democracy", The Guardian, Oct. 4, 2016.





Building Global Democracy

Democracy International

Democracy Earth

Global Justice in the 21st Century "commentary on global issues" by Richard A. Falk

International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) "All over the world to change it"

Progressive International "A grassroots movement for global justice"

The Equality Trust "Because more equal societies work better for everyone" (-> resources)

The Paulo Freire Democratic Project (PFDP)

Transition Network.org "A movement of communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world"

World Justice Project "Advancing the rule of law worldwide" -> WJP Rule of Law Index

Zonta International "Empowering Women Through Service & Advocacy"


Latin America

Task Force on the Americas "in solidarity with the social justice movements of Latin America and the Carribean"

National & Local



Katholische Sozialakademie Österreichs (KSOE)

Ökosoziales Studierendenforum "Für eine global gerechte Gesellschaft, die sich in Einklang mit der Umwelt entwickelt"


Cleanstate "Für Recht und Gerechtigkeit in Politik, Staat und Wirtschaft"


Mehr Demokratie

verteilungsfrage.org "Zur Politik und Ökonomie der Ungleichheit"


United Kingdom



Robson, David, 2019, "The '3.5% rule': How a small minority can change the world", BBC, future now.