Welcome to the Global Civil Society Network!

Aims and goals

We at the Global Civil Society Network Organisation (GCSNO) who run the Global Civil Society Network (GCSN) are aware that knowledge and understanding is power. We also believe that this kind of power should not be kept in the hands of a few but that it should be disseminated among the global population since it seems evident to us that this will lead to a great number of much needed positive changes around the world in many areas.


Our general aim in this respect is to help bring about an empowered global civil society that is able to represent its own interests and fight for what is good and right on a global scale. Thus our (recommended) view of humans as global or world citizens, because it is easier to achieve these very worthwhile goals when regarding yourself and others as belonging to a global community with highly similar goals.  



The general means for implementing these goals will be a contemporary (radical) second enlightenment in a number of key areas, starting with some core civil society movements and ending with consciousness and its evolution. Thus our motto "empowerment throught enlightenment".


Contrary to Diderot's and d'Alembert's massive 35 volume Encyclopédie which serves as inspiration for our endeavor, however, we currently do not plan to create material that people should be aware of in their own best of interests, mainly since that material already exists. Instead and thanks to the invention of the internet which makes the following endeavor possible, we will mostly provide you with a directory of links to websites and literature which, together with our structuring and introductory comments, will provide you with opportunities to enlighten yourself about a great number and variety of matters of importance.


Admission to the GCSN

Admission to the GCSN does not occur by application or invitation but by selection through the editorial staff: If we think that you (individuals, groups, organisations, etc.) have a positive impact on GCS and respective goals in at least one of the key areas that we care about (see our numbered sections), then there is a good chance that you or your works might be added to the GCSN. Note that we generally select based on successful fulfillment of the criteria of (1) scope (the more global and the more key areas you cover, the better), (2) (university level) quality ("intellectual rigour"), (3) criticism of the status quo and realistic visions for the future, (4) 'bottom-upness' and 'unbureaucraticness' (for organisations), (5) renown in the field and (6) existing web presence, among others. If you have suggestions or recommendations for admission to the GCSN that generally seem to fulfill these criteria, feel free to contact us.


Current plans

Note that the website is still in the early phases of construction, mainly because plenty of sections and entries within them still have to be added. After preliminary completion of these most fundamental tasks, we intend to regularly add new and as of yet undetermined content, perhaps also in languages other than English and German.


Sapere aude,

Gregor Flock / The GCSNO